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Best Carpet for Stairs

Choosing carpet for your stairs can make the difference in having a slippery danger zone or a comfortable and secure stairway. Finding the safest type of carpet will help you avoid slips and falls accidents on the stairs.

When you walk on stairs, your feet put a different type of pressure on the carpet than normal walking. Climbing stairs include pulling yourself upward and adding more distress to the carpet with each step. Everyone walks in the same spot, which can cause uneven wear that becomes dangerous. The landings on the stairs receive even more impact.

Choosing the ideal carpet for this area of your home should be given extra care. According to carpet professionals, the best option for the stairs is a low and dense pile. The pile density adds firmness and support. The short pile height wears more evenly than its longer counterpart and is easier to keep clean.

A good option is wool carpet, usually very short and dense, and will look amazing for a long time. The downside is that it costs more than synthetic fiber. Polyester is a less expensive alternative. Even with carpet that wears well, stairs can still be slick. Adding No-slip Strips to the stairs will add traction to keep people and animals from slipping or falling on the stair treads.


No-slip Strips installed on top of existing carpet. Absolutely no cutting involved!


Carpet sales persons will recommend two types of carpet for the home, one for the rooms and another for their stairs. Frieze and Berber are two types of carpet the experts recommend for high traffic rooms, but might not be suggested for use on stairs. When using No-slip Strips , you can have the same carpet throughout if you choose.

The No-slip Strips solution has options that work perfectly with any carpet to help extend its life and keep everyone in the house safer. No-slip Strips come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit every type of carpet. It helps protect the carpet and the people using it. The strips add the traction necessary to give your family a safer environment and offer the carpet a chance to wear more evenly. Protect your kids with more traction for when they come down the stairs barefoot or wearing socks in the morning. Adults or older people will benefit from more traction as well, especially when carrying laundry or other objects.

No-slip Strip is the best product to use on carpeted stairs. It installs on top of your existing carpet and there’s no cutting involved.

There is no carpet that gives consumers the sense of security No-slip Strip offers. No-slip Strip is approved by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and exceeds safety standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The benefits of having covered stairs are numerous. Use the same carpet throughout your home instead of having something that does not match on the stairs. Carrying an armful of toys on slippery stairs can be treacherous. Keep everyone from toddlers to grandparents safer in your home with No-slip Strips on your carpeted stairs.

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  • Author: No-slip Strip Customer Service