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Frequently Asked Questions: No-slip Strips, Carpeted Stairs

CarpetKrin ™

1)What's included?; 2)Pricing; 3)How to order; 4)Lengths and Sizes; 5)Installation; 6)Traction comparison: Comfort Grip vs. SG3 vs. SG4; 7)How does it feel? 8)Available COLORS and COLOR Tolerance; 9)Will CarpetKrin damage my carpet? 10)Warranty; 11)Cleaning; 12)Removal; 13)Samples; 14)Shipping; 15)Returns;


CarpetKrin is a discreet add-on nosing strip for increased safety on carpeted stairs. 




What's included?

CarpetKrin ships with all required components including:

1) Metal base-strip. Made from flexible but durable aluminum, the base-strip stabilizes the carpet. Patented Design flexes and conforms to the shape and height of your carpet during installation.

2) Peel-n-stick traction-tapes. The traction-tape is installed on top of the base-strip and provides grip and color profile.

3) Retaining screws. CarpetKrin ships with 1.25” (one and a quarter inch) WOOD screws by default, similar to what is currently underneath your carpet. Please contact us if you have CONCRETE underneath your carpet. We have special instructions and special concrete screws for when there is concrete underneath the carpet.





Pricing is per strip. This allows customers to order only what they need. Longer lengths cost a bit more.



How to order

Measure the carpeted length of each step (longest side) and subtract 6 inches. The result is your maximum recommended length to order. This will give you 3 inches of clearance on either side. So if your stairs measure at 40 inches in length, then subtract 6 inches and order strips that are 34 inches in length. It is ok to order a shorter length and we recommend not exceeding your maximum recommended length.


Lengths and Sizes

CarpetKrin is available in lengths ranging from 10 inches to 70 inches. Width is 2 inches. Average depth is 0.06 inches.



No cutting, No gluing, No drilling required. A power screwdriver with adjustable torque settings is required. Anything else will not install the screws correctly and the screws may start to push against your foot due to incorrect installation.

Any handy person can install CarpetKrin, and attention to detail is required. Please watch general installation video below. Follow the instructions that ship with your order for specific installation tips.

Step 1. Place the aluminum Base-Strip about 1.5" from edge of step. Indicator on base-strip shows you which side must face the front of step.

Step 2. Install retaining screws per supplied instructions. Screws should not push against your feet when you stand on the Base-Strip.

Step 3. Apply peel-n-stick Bridge-Strips and/or Traction-Tape on top of installed base-strip.

The Bridge-Strips prevent the screw heads from making any direct contact with specific Traction-Tapes (i.e. like the "Brown-Nut SG4" color).

If there is direct contact, you may hear a peeling sound when there is any movement in the metal Base-Strip. It is really not needed if the metal Base-Strip is installed perfectly however out of an abundance of caution we recommend using them.

Some orders do not ship with the Bridge-Strips because the composition of certain Traction-Tapes eliminate the need.

 CarpetKrin No-slip Strips Installation



Bridge-Strips Installation



Traction comparison: Comfort Grip vs. SG3 vs. SG4


CarpetKrin No-slip Strips traction has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and exceeds OSHA and ADA safety standards.

How does it feel when installed?

Feels solid to touch. It is not soft like carpet.



Available Colors and Color tolerance

Click here to see all colors. Color tolerance is one pantone shade up or down. Therefore it is best to order for a complete set of stair


Will CarpetKrin No-slip Strips damage my carpet?

CarpetKrin will not damage your carpet because the screws used are similar to what’s already underneath your carpet. Watch video below to learn more.




Average product life is 7 years. Return any product within 30 days, no questions asked. Click here to learn more. Free samples available. You may order one or more CarpetKrins for longer evaluation.



lean with a damp cloth. Do not submerge. Clean the carpet as normal.


1) Hand-peel traction-tapes to remove.

2) Remove screws.

3) That’s it! Please watch video to learn more.



Click here to order samples.


We ship Worldwide. On average it takes 1 to 4 business days for an order to be processed and leave our facility in Gaithersburg MD USA. Click here to learn more. Transit time depends on the shipping option you choose during checkout. For example USPS Priority Mail average 1-3 business days within continental United States.


Return any product within 30 days, no questions asked. Click here to learn more.