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Frequently Asked Questions: No-slip Strips, Carpeted Stairs

The following FAQs apply to the No-slip Strips solution for Slippery Carpeted Stairs.

1. Will the No-slip Strips solution damage my carpet?

No-slip Strips will not damage your carpet. No-slip Strip installs on top of your existing carpet. There's no cutting involved. No-slip Strip is safe to use on any carpeted stairs. Watch video below to learn more.


2. How is the solution priced, how much does it cost?

Please review pricing information here.


3. What is the difference between "Comfort Grip" and "Super Grip"? Which one is soft like carpet?

The No-slip Strips solution is NOT soft. Unlike carpet, it feels solid to touch and certified to provide adequate non-slip traction.

The "Super Grip" offers our most aggressive traction. Coefficient of friction is 102 TRL. Feels like medium grit sandpaper. Made from aluminum oxide materials. The "Super Grip" may cling to socks or stockings.

The "Comfort Grip" offers a more comfortable tractionCoefficient of friction is 95 TRL. Does NOT feel like sandpaper. Made from proprietary rubber compounds that naturally repels most dirt. It will NOT cling to socks or stocking. We highly recommend the "Comfort Grip" if you have toddlers because the traction will not scrape bare skin.

4. How do I order No-slip Strips?

Please review information on how to order No-slip Strips here.

5. When will my order arrive?

Please review our Shipping Policy here.

6. What colors are available?

See all colors here.

7. Do you have free samples?

Yes, order free samples here.

8. Do you have a local distributor?

We ship both domestic and international (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.).

9. Will you ship international?

Yes we ship international (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.).

10. Will No-slip Strips hurt my barefoot?

No-slip Strip is comfortable on barefoot.

11. How long will the No-slip Strips solution last?

Average life is 7 years.

12. Can I clean my carpet with No-slip Strips installed?

Yes. No-slip Strips will withstand normal cleaning operations. Do not apply any solvents. Clean with a damp cloth only.

13. Can I remove No-slip Strips later?

Yes. No-slip Strips can be completely removed.

14. How can I remove No-slip Strips?

Two steps: First, hand-peel traction tape from base-strip. Second, remove retaining screws from base-strip.

15. Who can install No-slip Strips?

No-slip Strips can be installed by anyone capable of operating a power screwdriver. No-slip Strips is designed to be a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation.

16. What do I need to install No-slip Strips

A power screwdriver is required to install No-slip Strips. Please review instructions here.

17. How do I install No-slip Strips?

Please review instructions here.

18. I have concrete under my carpet. Will No-slip Strips work?

Yes! Please contact us for instructions.

19. What if I need help?

Please contact us.

20. Can No-slip Strips help everyone including pets?

Yes your stairs will look elegant and provide the best anti-slip traction for everyone, including pets.

21. How do I clean No-slip Strips?

Use a damp cloth to clean No-slip Strips. Do not apply any solvents.

22. What sizes are available?

Please review sizes here.

23. How do I measure my stairs?

Please review information on how to order No-slip Strips here.

24. How long will it take to receive my order?

Please review Shipping Policy here.

25. What is your Return Policy?

Please review Return Policy here.