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How my neighbor saved her pet, Summer, from slipping accidents on the stairs.

Recently, in the middle of the night, my neighbor, Christine, was awakened by a loud whimper followed by a thud outside her bedroom. Hoping it was just a dream, she ran to the steps, but what she saw was a sharp dose of reality. Her aging Yellow Labrador, Summer, had slipped down the hardwood stairs and was limping as she walked around the foyer. The arthritis in Summer’s back legs was making it increasingly difficult for her to navigate steps and this was not the first time she had slipped. The family had installed a baby gate at the base of the steps, but more often than not, they forgot to close it and Summer had free reign to go up the steps.

After a costly trip to the veterinarian, Summer’s injuries began to heal. Injuries from falls down the stairs can range from a pet straining and pulling a ligament to breaking a bone. But now the lab was terrified of the steps and would sit at the base of the stairs whining after everyone went to bed. It broke everyone’s heart to see this beloved member of the family so frightened.

Finding a Solution. Christine loved the look of her wood floors and considered them to enhance the beauty and value of her home. However, the hardwood steps were clearly not the easiest for Summer to navigate. Even the family’s two young cats had slipped a few times, but nothing seemed to deter them from running full speed upstairs.

There are quite a few products on the market to help prevent pets from slipping on stairs and Christine felt like she tried them all. No-slip booties were purchased for Summer, but the lab spent most of the afternoon trying to pull them off her paws.

It was time to tackle the stairs and find a product that prevented slipping, while not sacrificing the look of the hardwood. To add the most traction to the stairs, No-slip Tapes in Clear-Transparent Grit II were installed and blended seamlessly into the look of the wood. With the easy Peel-n-Stick method of installation, the stairs were slip proof in no time. No-slip Tapes were also added to the steps on the deck, so Summer could easily navigate her way to the backyard.

Help Your Pet Get Over The Fear of Stairs. After the installation of No-slip Tapes, it was time to help Summer get over her fear of the stairs. At the advice of their veterinarian, the family tried the following:

1. Clear the steps: Make sure there is nothing the pet can trip or knock over. If the pet is startled by an obstacle, it could cause a major setback.

2. Distract the pet: Use treats to get the pet to go up a few stairs. Pat your hands against your legs, talk to your pet in a happy tone and give lots of attention. Walk up one step then back down as you talk to your pet in a happy and positive tone.

3. Take it one step at a time: An entire staircase may be too much to handle, but one step can seem much more manageable. Again, use treats as you coax your pet up each step and down again.

My neighbor, Christine, is happy to report that Summer is slowly getting used to using the stairs again and isn’t as timid. And, in addition, the two cats are no longer slipping and sliding to the first floor.

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  • Author: No-slip Strip Customer Service