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Slip & Fall Prevention: How To Fix My Slippery Stairs - Wood vs. Carpet vs. Tile vs. Marble vs. Bamboo vs. Concrete vs. Laminate, etc.

The best way for you to fix slippery stairs is to increase traction on each step. Most stairs surfaces or treads are made of wood, bamboo, marble, tile, carpet, or laminate, and these treads will wear-out over time and contribute to slip and fall accidents.


It does not matter which type of stair treads you have, all treads will wear-out over time and contribute to slip and fall accidents. Moreover the coating or finish on new stair treads may be very slippery for you and your pet.


Stair treads made from marble and tiles are generally considered to be more slippery than carpeted stairs treads or hardwood stairs treads. However within each category or type of treads (hardwood, carpet, marble, tile, etc.) there are less slippery options.


For example if you have carpeted stairs, you may want to look into Berber carpets the next time you’re redoing your stairs and avoid Saxony carpets. Talk to your flooring expert about less slippery options for your type of treads.


What about switching from carpeted treads to another type like hardwood treads?

There are good reasons to switch from one type of stair tread to another. Some people desire the beauty and relatively low maintenance of hardwood stairs. Others prefer the cushioning and sound dampening of carpeted stairs – no noisy footsteps when traveling up and down the stairs. And marble stair treads just look so glamorous!


Yet switching from one type of stairs (e.g. carpeted stairs) to another (e.g. hardwood stairs) will not completely solve the slipperiness issue. So don’t do it only to resolve the slipperiness. Our research and experience informs us that you may be very disappointed. Rather increase traction on each step.

So just how do you go about increasing the traction on each step? Well the zero cost method is to wear appropriate footwear. Would you not agree that it is most difficult to go down the stairs wearing a pair of nylon stockings? Wearing appropriate footwear will help prevent accidents on the stairs. Having said that, we recognize that it can be a challenge to remember to wear appropriate footwear; and our pets need better traction too!


Therefore remember to augment your stair treads with a non-slip solution. This is the best option to prevent slip and fall accidents on stairways because unlike your shoes, the non-slip material will always be available to prevent a slip or fall accident.


You Have Options

Some solutions on the market will cover your entire stairway or stair treads. Those solutions often detract from the beauty of your home or office; and some provide less than adequate traction. Adequate traction is what you need. But beautiful traction that blends-in with existing décor and that is not too harsh on barefoot is also important.

At No-slip Strip we recommend our superior non-slip solution that blends-in with your décor. It is easy to install, easy to remove, affordable, and provides superior non-slip traction on each step. We encourage you to review our non-slip solutions for improving traction on your existing stairs. We have unique solutions for all types of stairs and we are confident that you can fix your slippery stairs today!

How “No-slip Strip” can help

At No-slip Strip we are in the business of improving the surface traction for all types of stairs – indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential. Every non-slip solution we sell must be effective under various conditions, must be long-lasting, elegant, and easy to install. This article is part of a series dedicated to slip and fall prevention.

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