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Slip & Fall Prevention: Conditions That Requires Caution

It is important to identify the conditions that can lead to slips and falls. Wet floors, snow and ice are the obvious ones. However the list of conditions that can lead to falls is extensive. In this blog we’ll summarize the most common conditions that require caution.

1) Polished or waxed floors – even when dry, polished or waxed floors can be slippery. Wood floors, marble and ceramic tiles are especially notorious.

2) Irregular steps – our minds perform complicated calculations behind the scenes when we engage steps. These calculations often assume regularity in the steps. When a Riser or Tread is shorter or taller than others (irregular) then we may trip and fall.

3) Poor visibility – little or no lighting. Some drugs will adversely affect eyesight.

4) Age – Yes, young people slip and fall, too. However those over sixty-five are four times more likely to slip and fall. Therefore those over sixty-five may want to be a little bit more cautious. However everybody, irrespective of age, must take awareness, identification, and prevention seriously.

5) Stairs – about half of all slip and fall accidents happen on stairways. Keep stairs obstruction free and in good repair. Read about other ways to make stairways safe

How “No-slip Strip” can help

At No-slip Strip we are in the business of improving the surface traction for all types of stairs – indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential. Every non-slip solution we sell must be effective under various conditions, must be long-lasting, elegant, and easy to install. This article is part of a series dedicated to slip and fall prevention.

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  • Author: No-slip Strip Customer Service