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No-slip Tapes Installation Troubleshooting Guide


Removing No-slip Tapes is easy. Hand-peel each strip very slowly to remove. You may warm up the non-slip material to relax the adhesive before removal. A hair blow dryer can be used to warm up the non-slip material.

In the rare event that there’s residue (this is usually not the case if you hand-peel very slowly), apply a solvent like GOO GONE and use a plastic scraper or an old credit card to loosen the residue and wipe off with a clean paper towel. Repeat until completely removed. Some customers let the solvent sit a few minutes before wiping it off. Please follow all directions for the solvent you choose to use. Finally use a clean paper towel and wipe off with rubbing alcohol. NOTE: Once removed, you cannot reuse No-slip Tapes. Please see our warranty statement here.



"White Spots"

White Spots are rare. However if you see a “white spot” this could mean:

  • a pocket of air got trapped during installation
  • there are contaminants like body oil residue on the stair tread (from walking bare foot), or on your hands during the installation and these contaminants prevent adhesion;
  • there is a grout line or the stair tread is not completely flat and so the adhesive cannot make contact with a spot on the stair tread. 

NOTE: A “white spot” does not compromise safety.

Following is what you can do about a "white spot":


1. Clean surface and hands with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oils and let dry completely.

2. Install strip no more than 3 inches at a time as seen in installation video here. Be sure to use your roller to systematically smooth out the strip each time and eliminate any trapped air pocket. Do not peel the entire strip and then drop it in place. Doing so may trap air and cause "white spots".

Post installation (this is not necessary if above steps are completed successfully):

1. Press over the “white spot” to force the non-slip material to make contact with the stair surface.

2. Use a safety pin to carefully pierce the non-slip material just over the “white spot” and then press over the “white spot” to force the non-slip material to make contact with the stair surface.




No-slip Tapes is recommended for one time use. In our experience "lifting" may occur for the following reasons:

1. There’s some oily residue or contamination on a portion of the stairs preventing proper adhesion. We recommend that surface is clean and dry before installation.

2. The tread surface is not completely flat and taper slightly upwards on the far ends. Please install on a completely flat surface (e.g. do not install on rounded edge).

3. Very low humidity. Please use the Edge Sealer.


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