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Success with No-slip Strips for Carpeted Stairs

Hooray! You have purchased the best non-slip solution for stairs with carpet on it. Now is a good time to review the following guidelines to make the solution a success on your stairs!

Step #1. Check the contents to make sure you have the correct products and quantity. You don’t want to begin the installation and not be able to complete it. Notify us immediately if it appears something is missing or you need to order 1 more strip for that step you forgot to count, e.g. the top landing area. Verify that your package includes the following parts: Metal “Base-Strips”, Screws, and Non-slip “Traction-Tapes”.


Step #2. Install the screws properly. This is the biggest mistake we see some customers make. Per the instructions, you must use a power-screwdriver with adjustable torque settings in order to tighten the screws properly. Follow the supplied instructions to make sure the screws do not push against your foot when you stand on the “base-strip”. The screws must never push against your foot. If the screws push against your foot then you must stop and adjust the screws. Do not use the product without completing this step. Failure to do so will significantly reduce product life, make your stairs uncomfortable to walk on, and potentially present a tripping hazard (e.g. screws pushing through the top Traction-Tape). So follow the instructions for properly installing the screws. Please reference above installation video. Note: if you have a problem with screws popping-up after installation, then you will need to revisit this step and also order Replacement Traction-Tapes for reinstallation. 

Step #3. Use the “Bridge-Strips” if included in your package. Using the “bridge-strips” will extend the product life. However if it was not included in your package then you do not need it.

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  • Author: No-slip Strip Customer Service