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Product Details: No-slip Tapes, Indoor Stairs




No-slip Tapes with Measure-N-Align Technology, featured on NBC's TODAY SHOW, provides certified safety on the stairs for everyone including pets.


Measure-N-Align Technology

Exclusive Measure-N-Align Technology eliminates installation mistakes so you would not have to remove and reinstall. Simply align the extended flap with the edge of step as shown and your installation will be nice and straight every time with no mistakes. Available on select sizes of the "Clear-Transparent Grit II, Comfort Grip" pre-cut strips.




Watch Video: Product Overview


See All Colors. Average product life is 5 years.



 Discreet and provides durable high-traction grip near the edge of each step so YOUR FOOT WON’T SLIP.


 Completely REMOVABLE. Peel-n-stick design. "CLEAR" strips look almost invisible


 Use on Wood stairs, Bamboo, Tile, Marble, Vinyl, Laminate, etc. Many colors available including Clear transparent strips.


 Free evaluation SAMPLES available. Your stairs will look elegant and provide the best skid-resistant traction for everyone including your pet.




Easy Peel-N-Stick design makes installation a breeze. Hand-peel, with some effort, to remove. In our testing there was no damage to flooring. Request Free Samples to evaluate on your surface. No purchase necessary. We stock many colors including our bestselling "Clear-Transparent Grit II". Custom sizes available. Orders ship with free samples. International Shipping - Canada, UK, Australia, and more.


CERTIFIED TRACTION: Non-slip traction is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and also exceeds OSHA and ADA safety standards.


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO USER: Our solution balances safety, ease of application, and removal. However user is solely responsible for evaluating the product and determining suitability. Every order ships with free samples for you to evaluate installation and removal. On most surfaces you should be able to hand-peel, with some effort, to remove. You may request free samples prior to ordering. Please use sample and test in an inconspicuous location to determine suitability on your surface.


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Available Sizes

Many sizes and colors available. Also you may contact us to Request Any Custom Size. We stock the following pre-cut lengths: 10 inches, 13", 16", 19", 22", 25", 28", 31", 34", 37", 40", 43", 46", 49", 52", 55", 58", and 61 inches. Width is 2". Wider or smaller widths are available as rolls only.

Rolls are always 720 inches in length. We stock the following widths for the rolls: 1", 2", 4", and 6 inches. Moreover we can custom cut any width; please contact us regarding any custom width.

Parallel Strips Application (optional): You can achieve more surface area coverage by installing two or more strips in parallel and about an inch apart. Our research revealed that the ball of your foot will often find a landing between the parallel No-slip Tapes and give you superior non-slip confidence when engaging the stairs. However a single strip per step will also provide adequate traction.

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Pricing is per pre-cut strip or per roll. Both options give you the flexibility to order only what you need. Longer lengths (i.e. for the pre-cut strips) and wider widths (i.e. for the rolls) cost a bit more. Price also vary for certain colors. You will see total price when you go to View Cart.

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How To Order

Step 1. Measure the length of each step (longest side of step) and subtract two inches. The result should be the pre-cut length to order. So if your step measure at 33 inches in length, then subtract two inches and order the 31 inches pre-cut length. It is ok to order a smaller length and we recommend not exceeding your maximum calculated length. You may also order a Roll and cut to size with scissors.


Step 2. Decide on a color. See All Colors or Order Free Samples.


Step 3. Go to the order page and choose the Product Type, Size, Color, Quantity, and then Click the green "Add to Cart" button and complete Checkout.

Note: A roller is required to install No-slip Tapes.


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Required: Roller

Step 1. Clean stair surface and hands – surfaces must be free from dirt and oils. Use rubbing alcohol to clean. The alcohol will remove any oils and give you clean dry surfaces in minutes. It is very important that surfaces are completely dry. See helpful installation and removal tips here.

Step 2. Peel backing paper about three inches to expose adhesive and place No-slip Tape about half an inch from edge of step. Repeat every 3 inches until backing paper is completely removed and No-slip Tape is secure on stair tread. Do not install No-slip Tape on the very edge of step. Doing so will reduce product life. Install only on a flat surface. Use a Roller to activate adhesive. Rolling will also permit the sub-surface color to transmit through our "Clear" non-slip material and create near-transparency.

Watch Video: Product Installation


Note: Use our optional Edge Sealer if you have extremely high traffic on your stairs (e.g. very large commercial office building).

Step 3. Optional step. Repeat step 2 above for optional "parallel strip application". This method gives you more surface area coverage. Install two or more strips in parallel and about an inch apart. Our research revealed that the ball of your foot will often find a landing between the parallel strips and give you superior non-slip confidence. However a single strip per step will also provide adequate traction.



Lou Manfredini, Mr. Fix-It, host of New To Lou Too on WGN Radio recommends No-slip Strip

Click on the image below and you will be taken to Lou's review on WGN 

Lou Manfredini, Mr. Fix-It, host of New To Lou Too on WGN Radio recommends No-slip Strips




No-slip Strip featured on NBC's Today Show

No-slip Tape installation is demonstrated along with other handy products on NBC’s Today Show! Secret toilet plunger hide-away, helloooo! Click on the image below and you will be taken to the Today Show website. 

No-slip Strip featured on NBC Today Show with Katie Lee and Hoda